Henry Micro HVR200M-22


• Wand docking storage
• Easy to change Hepa-Flo bags
• Full accessory Kit A1 with Stainless steel tube set
• Microtex filtration system


There are Henrys here and Henrys there, you’ll find dear Henry everywhere, but so will you find dust related allergies; purported to affect between 20% and 30% of the population, especially the very young and the elderly.

Henry Micro is to the full Henry specification with the professional TwinFlo’ vacuum motor, Hi-Lo control for different surface applications, a 10-metre cable rewind and storage system: but to this has been added our exclusive Microtex filtration system approved to the highest allergen standard by the British Allergy Foundation.

In every way fast and friendly, never without his cheeky smile, Henry Micro comes to the aid of sufferers everywhere.

REMEMBER you can always add a Microtex filter to any standard Henry to upgrade filtration to this exceptional standard, if required


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