Party Packages

Community Cleaning offers a variety of party packages to help you keep neat and tidy before, during and after you entertain.

Preparatory Clean – A full house clean the day before your guests arrive. Regular cleaning rates apply.

Party Preparation and Assistance – 3 hours of pre-party preparation. This may include table setting, food preparation, dish washing, and light cleaning.

Party Service – Up to 6 hours of party service. This includes food service, dishes, clearing and cleaning, and other general duties to help make your party more enjoyable for you and your guests. Rates may vary based on number of guests and staff required.

(a smaller dinner party may only require 1 person for 2 hours Please call for a party service quote)

Morning After – We will come and clean your house the morning/afternoon following your party. This service includes; dishes, kitchen cleanup, and scrubbing all bathrooms. You may choose to add on vacuuming and washing all floors for an additional charge. Rates will vary based on the size of your home.

Full Party Package

We have various packages available to help you keep neat and tidy before, during and after you entertain

Party Packages - Community Cleaning