About Us

About Us

Community Cleaning, a full service cleaning company servicing Uxbridge, Stouffville and Scugog.

Community Cleaning, a full service cleaning company servicing Uxbridge, Stouffville and Scugog.  We began as a small home-based cleaning company. Two busy Moms realized that our small town of Uxbridge was full of hard-working families.  Families who needed a little help with cleaning around the house. In just 2 short years, our cleaning business grew.  A budding idea into a blossoming company employing 20+ local women and providing cleaning services.  Servicing hundreds of households in Uxbridge, Stouffville, and Scugog. If you can think of it, we can clean it! There isn’t much we won’t do.

As the company expanded we realized how much garbage we were producing  We throw out empty cleaning bottles and mounds of paper towel each week. It became obvious that in order to be more environmentally conscious and leave less of a carbon footprint, we would have to encourage our entire community to make better cleaning choices.

Identifying the need for greener cleaning options within our town prompted us to open a cleaning supply store. In the spring of 2013 Community Cleaning in Uxbridge welcomed their first customers. Our shop offers environmentally friendly cleaning options, such as over 20 refillable cleaners, dish, and laundry soaps, enviro-bleach, commercial cleaners, mops and scrubbers. As we developed the idea to open a store, we decided that in order to serve our customers better we wanted to offer a large range of products, central vac systems, and entire line of vacuums and attachments.  Now everyone in our community can have access to the same supplies that the pros are using!

We love giving back to the community, sponsoring local sports teams, and contributing to events. We are thrilled to be a part of the downtown shopping district. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond in all that we do. We have an amazing client base, our customers are wonderful, and our staff enjoys spending time with them while they clean. Our team is made up of incredible individuals whom we are fortunate to work with on a daily basis. They are the people who make our business a success. Cleaning is a tough job and we appreciate all their hard work. We only hire excellence.

We continue to grow and enhance our business. Having a business is always and adventure; there are ups and downs, and often unexpected twists. Each day is different and loving what we do makes it even better!





Caitlin Mills

Management Staff |Store Manager

Megan Cole

Management Staff | Client Services Coordinator